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Fab Lab Lisboa

Opened in July 2013, FabLab Lisboa is a digital fabrication laboratory which supports rapid prototyping, personalized manufacturing and industrial experimentation. The Fablab Lisboa was built in an old slaughterhouse located in the Forno do Tijolo Municipal Market, and its main goal is to turn ideas into r eality, allowing the creation of new products, which in turn can boost job creation and wealth in Lisbon.

In this space are available industrialand safe equipments, such as small and lar ge milling machines, laser cutting machines and vinyl cutting, 3D printer, electronic counter, computers and their programming tools supported by CAD and CAM so ftware.

Over 400 prototypes were created in less than 3 years. The FabLab Lisboa it’s proud to be a laboratory accessible to the ordinary citizen, a space of knowledge and sharing experiences, enabling democratic access to innovation, entrepreneurship, discovery and creativity, aiming the social and economic development, at individual or communitarian level.


CML | Corticeira Amorim l Iberomoldes | CENTIMFE | AIP-CCI

«This space serves as a bridge between the creative community and the industrial production areas of Lisbon.»

 António Costa, 2013

 http://fablablisboa.pt/ |  Facebook - Fablab Lisboa