This project operates in a very simple way. After enrolment, a personal meeting will be scheduled with a CML technical team to get to know the project better and forward it to the best solution, which might be Lisboa Empreende or, if considered more advantageous for the promoter, for example, Startup Commerce. Regardless of the case, we always assure an answer to anyone contacting us and seek to find a solution to this person's problem.


If the project falls within Lisboa Empreende, a triage meeting will be held with Audax (our partner specialised in the area of entrepreneurship) which will then accompany the selected entrepreneur through its network of mentors right up to the implementation of the project.


Within its funding possibilities, CML develops a partnership with CASES (António Sérgio Cooperative for the Social Economy), which enables access to the  Sou Mais instrument (MicroInvest Line - this credit line is currently awaiting a capital reinforcement, but that doesn't prevent access to register for "Lisboa Empreende"), as well as partnerships with the ANDC (National Association of the Right to Credit) and Banco Montepio Geral, which provide support in validating the financial component of the business plan, so as to enhance the projects' probabilities of success. There is also the possibility of financing through the FINICIA fund, by accessing  Startup Lisboa Loans.


For project implementation, the promoter is able to use various benefits provided by CML and its partners, namely: technical training free of charge, access to commercial spaces under advantageous conditions by draw, exemption from tax surcharge if turnover is below 150 thousand euros per year, among others.


Where are the meetings held?

The meetings are held at premises of Lisboa City Council or at a location to be agreed with the local supporting technical staff appointed to ensure the follow-up of the entrepreneur.

DMEI (Municipal Division of Economics and Innovation), Campo Grande, 27

 Opens window for sending email lisboaempreende@cm-lisboa.pt


How can I enrol?

The enrolment for attendance is made online or through the personal attendance offered by Lisboa City Council.

Enrol  here.