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Lisboa Youth Entrepreneurial Programme

Empreededorismo Jovem
Junior Achievment

One of the strategic pillars of the city of Lisbon, as an Entrepreneurial and Innovative city, is based on the development of entrepreneurship education for the young, since there is a clear notion that entrepreneurship is an attitude of life that needs to be built and developed, and it is a mandatory requirement for the development and for quantitative and qualitative increase of business initiatives.

The City Council of Lisbon considers it essential to establish a network of actors in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to develop an attitude of talent in the city, support for innovative ideas and attention to the realities of the economy and competitiveness, not only in the business environment, but also in the schools of the municipality of Lisbon, constituting a true entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To help achieve this goal, the Lisbon City Council has established a partnership with JAP - Junior Achievement Portugal, for the implementation of the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, which, in addition to its main focus on introducing financial education in schools, intends to young people of school age the values of civic responsibility, involvement in community life and education for citizenship.

This partnership for the promotion of entrepreneurship education began in the 2011/2012 school year and in the last 7 years 35,523 students were involved. In the academic year 2017/18, 298 volunteers participated in Junior Achievement programs, which implemented in 273 schools in Lisbon, impacting 6,289 students, corresponding to a total of 3,073 hours of business volunteering, which included 14 volunteers from City Council of Lisbon.

A key feature of all JA Portugal programs is the direct involvement of people from the professional world with the educational world. Volunteers establish a bridge between the theory learned in school and practice and act as role models for children and young people. They encourage students to be successful young people by sharing their own professional experiences. They have a decisive role in shaping future generations who are more entrepreneurial, more responsible, more conscious of their decisions.

The best example of this link is the "The Company" program. Throughout the school year, volunteers support the students to develop their business ideas, created in the classroom, through the formation of a mini-company. With the support of these volunteers, mentors for these mini-companies, young entrepreneurs brainstorm to come up with an innovative concept; research and market information, develop a business plan, search for business partners, and present their idea to potential pitch investors to develop their public presentation and communication skills. This mentoring culminates with participation in the Unlimited Fairs and National Competition of this program.

In line with Junior Achievement's ideal that nobody is born being a entrepreneur, that's something you learn, the Lisbon Youth Entrepreneurship Program has consolidated the mission of Lisbon as an entrepreneurial city!

Access the Junior Achievement Portugal website  here.