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International Economic Relations

Cities around the world increasingly streamline innovative solutions to the challenges that arise in the context of international economic development. Regional and global networks of cities offer opportunities for the creation of partnerships that bring long-term benefits in terms of economic growth and employment.

Economic globalization also covers the degree of connectivity between cities. Through economic cooperation in international organizations and networks, Lisbon wants to become a city increasingly global, improving the competitiveness of its economy, increasing investment opportunities and promoting internationally the identity of the city and its competitive advantages.

The strategy for the economic development of the city and attraction of investment is based on the vision to become Lisbon one of the more competitive, innovative and creative cities in Europe and across the world among, other factors, the participation of Lisbon in the major projects and international networks of cities.

The active participation of Lisbon in international organizations and networks enables the development of cooperation activities for the exchange of information and knowledge, experiences and best practices, but also the participation in innovative projects that generate value. In the context of international economic relations, the aim is to strengthen the economic dimension of international cooperation initiatives, creating and enhancing partnerships with cities, economic actors and universities around the world, including the networks of Portuguese citizens living abroad.

The city of Lisbon has already ongoing partnerships with organizations that, cooperating multilaterally or bilaterally, are implementing projects in the sectors of economy, innovation, knowledge, entrepreneurship, enterprises and employment.

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