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Lisboa na Nova Geoeconomia Mundial

Lisboa in the New Global Geoconomy
The rebalancing of the world economy and transition to a multi-polar world, with the emergence of major new economic powers has strengthened the central geo-economic position of Lisboa...

O Grande Potencial do Nearshoring

The Major Potential of Nearshoring
The growing importance of Nearshoring, which means localisation by Multinational Corporations (MNC's) of functions and activities in locations close to large developed markets / regions...

O Potencial dos Centros de Serviços Partilhados

The Potential of Shared Services Centres
Lisboa increasingly serves as a pole of attraction for so-called Shared Service Centres (SSC), that permit global companies to position a set of transversal functions...

Lisboa: Atração de Headquarters Regionais de EMNs

Lisboa: Attraction of Regional Headquarters for Multinationals
In the near future, the Portuguese capital may serve as the preferred destination for the localisation of the regional or European headquarters of multinational companies.

Frente Ribeirinha: Elevada Atratividade Empresarial

The Riverfront: High Business Attractiveness
The contacts established with a significant number of actors from the corporate / office real estate sector, demonstrated the high current and potential attractiveness of Lisboa’s...

TICs (Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicações), Software e Internet

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), Software and Internet
Lisboa (the city and metropolitan area) has proved to be very attractive for the installation of companies from the Information and Communication Technologies sectors...

Lisboa: Saúde e Bem Estar

Lisboa: Health and Well-Being
The health and well-being sector assumes special strategic importance for the future of the city, given that it is a sector involving high technological intensity and knowledge....

Lisboa como Centro Financeiro (Banca e Seguros)

Lisboa as a Financial Centre (Banking and Insurance)
Even with the alterations in the form of territorial organization of banking institutions, with the emergence of large data centres and back office infrastructures that imply extensive use of space...