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Through the analysis of rankings, the goal is to ascertain the relative positioning of Lisboa (and Portugal) in the international context, the way that the city is perceived in its different dimensions, making it possible to structure action plans to strengthen its competitiveness and capacity to attract companies, investment and talent.

International positioning in Lisbon

Prices and Earnings (2018)

Lisboa is highly competitive in terms of labour costs, with gross salaries ranked at 44,0 (New York = 100), compared to values such as 77,7 in Dublin, 64,2 in Lyon, 59,6 in Barcelona and 57,0 in Madrid.

Quality of living survey (2019)

Lisboa is part of the top 50 cities with the best quality of life, ranking 37th, ahead of cities like Madrid and London, and is also considered the 31st safest city in the world.

The Global Liveability Report (2018)

Lisbon is considered the 54th best city in the world to live according to a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit. The Portuguese capital has risen two places in the ranking, which assesses stability, culture, environment, health, infrastructure and education. Among European cities, Lisbon is in 26th place, just behind London.


According to the Global Talent Competitiveness Report Index 2019, Lisbon is the 45th city (4 places above Barcelona) to attract and retain skilled workers. According to the report, it is cities rather than countries that are developing stronger roles as talent centers. The growing importance of cities is justified by "greater flexibility and adaptability to new trends and standards, such as agile economic units, where policies can be changed more quickly."Portugal is ranked 28th.

Monocle - Quality of life Survey

Lisbon emerges as the 12th city of the World with a better quality of life, standing out for the entrepreneurial spirit with which it has implemented new business in the city, as well as for the effort made to guarantee residence to the locals, namely through the planning of housing at prices more affordable. The ranking is led by Munich.

FDI - European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018-2019

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No top 10 das cidades e regiões do sul da Europa do futuro, Lisboa e a região de Lisboa ocupam o 5.º lugar.

Doing Business 2018

Portugal ranks 29th among 190 countries analyzed. This classification results from the reduction of the time needed to formalize a company, an increase in the number of start-ups in the order of 17% and the creation of around 7 new jobs per 100,000 inhabitants per month. The new start-ups are more often owned by women, and are run by entrepreneurs with more training and experience, which also creates a more inclusive environment for future entrepreneurs. Also in the registration procedures of a company Portugal scores in the 28th place in the ranking and in the obtaining of construction licenses it is in the 32nd overall position.

Emerging Trends in Real State Europe 2019

Lisbon is considered the most attractive city for real estate investment in Europe in 2019, leading for the first time the top 10 of this annual study, drawn up by PWC and ULI.