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Facts and figures of audiovisual media productions in Lisboa


700 requests for filming and photo shoots

2059 days of filming

6 shots per day (average)

22% increase of requests for filming and photo shoots compared to 2013 (creation of the Lisboa Film Commission)

31% filming requests with municipal support (feature and short films, documentaries, TV fiction, student projects and others) / 69% filming requests without municipal support (advertising, soap operas and others)

265 thousand euro of municipal non-financial support (fees exemption)

486 thousand euro of revenues from municipal filming fees

24% filming requests for foreign markets

EUR 10 million budget of producers spent in Lisboa (only in the film industry and only partial value)

Areas with more filming in Lisboa: parishes of Santa Maria Maior, Misericórdia, Parque das Nações, Estrela, Santo António, Arroios and Avenidas Novas

Films supported by the Lisboa Film Commission in the ranking of the most watched Portuguese films of the year:

O Fim da Inocência, by Joaquim Leitão (produced by Cinemate)

São Jorge, by Marco Martins, (produced by Filmes do Tejo II)

Alguém Como Eu, by Leonel Vieira (produced by Stopline)

Índice Médio de Felicidade, by Joaquim Leitão (produced by MGN)