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Filming in Lisboa

“Lisboa Film Commission” creation and the implementation of further steps in the way of simplify filming in Lisbon are the first steps to make the city more competitive and more attractive for the activities of film production, audio-visual, new media and advertising.

“Lisboa Film Commission” area includes all the necessary information as well as all the contacts for any needed clarification and support.

In order to expedite the response to film and photograph requests new measures were introduced:


Single form available:


Creation of a specialized front-office at the at ” Lisboa Inititiative Office”; 

Decision centred in a single manager; 

3 work days deadline for assessing applications and to make a final decision regarding permit attribution; 

Payment once, allowing for the payment by ATM code and posterior license invoice by e-mail; 


To learn how to make an authorization request for filming / photograph in Lisbon, click here