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Health City

In Portugal the GVA of the health and wellness industry companies reached in 2009, 7.1% of the total GVA. The healthcare and wellness industry is between two heavy trends: an aging population and the development of the technological sector. For this reason, the growth potential of this sector is very high, with new drugs coming up every day and growing emerging areas such as genomics, bioinformatics and health IT’s.

The main institutions of the health sector are in Lisboa, due to its strategic position regarding the National Health Service and having a wide and diverse network of infrastructures and equipment, welcoming several companies related to the pharmaceutical sector.

In Lisboa are also around 32% of the country's research centers and 33% of physicians. The Champalimaud Foundation, the Gulbenkian Institute of Science and the Ricardo Jorge Institute are just three examples of the diversity and importance of this sector in the dynamics of the city.


It should also be highlighted the fact that Lisboa is undergoing a transformation process regarding its hospital facilities, with the closure of old hospitals in central areas of the city and the opening of a large central hospital designed for the eastern area of the city which will be very important to attract several business and investigation actors in different areas of health sciences (pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, pharmacogenomics, equipment and medical instruments, medical clinics, among others).