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Digital Economy

Lisboa - city and metropolitan area - has proved to be a very attractive place for the opening of companies in the sectors of ICT, Internet, Media and Audiovisual, and Software industries.

Regarding the cities, ICT can give a decisive contribution for economic sustainability (through business competitiveness), social and environmental. According to 2007 data, 6.2% of the employment in Lisboa was from the ICT sector.

In the global world we live in, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are extremely important. The volume, dispersion and flow of information demand new solutions to new (and old) problems. Safety, treatment, management and broadcast of information, are central themes.

The ICT impact goes through all sectors. They play a key role, either by direct or indirect way, in all areas of activity.

Lisboa has been able to attract a number of leading international companies in the ICT industry, software and internet, standing out Fox, Google, Fujitsu, Ferrostaal, TVGlobo, Huawei and Microsoft.


Given that the impact of ICT in modern economies and cities translates into investment, exports, employment (creation and retaining talent) and research, Lisboa City Council has been working with several partners in order to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the city in this sector.