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Lisboa's Retail Trade

Modern commercial activity takes place in a highly complex and demanding reality, due to factors such as competition, local and inter-regional shopping centres, outlets, consumers’ requirements and alterations to life styles rhythms and habits. All these factors constitute a challenge to the economic agents of traditional retail business.

Modernization and adaptation to this new reality is fundamental, wherein modernization is required not only to in physical, aesthetic and functional terms, but also in terms of business management, sales techniques, merchandising and adaptation to new technologies.

Commerce is a key economic activity for the city of Lisboa, and the Municipal Economy and Innovation Department has been meeting with the sector’s main actors and associations and is currently involved in different projects, that make it possible enhance results, in the framework of the Commercial Census (of retail, restaurant and beverage, and services establishments) and make sure that commerce is more efficient, intelligent and interactive.

Lisboa is a city with various consolidated retail zones that can be observed using the map of the number of retail establishments in 2009.

Densidade do Comércio | 2009