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1988 - Fire in Chiado

On August 25th 1988 the city of Lisboa was the stage of one of the most violent fires of its history – the “fire of Chiado”.

The fire had its initial origin in Rua do Carmo and then propagated to Rua Garrett, and only thanks to the great efforts made by the fire-fighters was it possible to avoid its propagation to the surrounding areas, all of them also historical areas.

This fire caused the destruction of 18 buildings, some of which were quite emblematic of the commercial activity of the city: the Chiado Stores, the Eduardo Martins Store, the Ferrari Pastry Shop, the Batalha Shop, and other shops dedicated to traditional commerce. Many offices and houses were also destroyed. It is estimated that about 2,000 people lost their jobs.

There were about 1,150 men and 275 vehicles fighting the fire. There were two casualties and 73 injured, most of which were fire-fighters.

For its dimension, this tragic event for the life of the city was the target of wide media coverage, both in Portugal as well as abroad. From the first news, still full of uncertainties, broadcasted in the beginning of the tragedy, to the following of the long process of reconstruction by Architect Siza Vieira, there are thousands of references generated by this event.


The information made available here only refers to the coverage given by the daily newspaper Diário de Lisboa to the event during the first day.