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Municipal Companies


CARRIS mission is the rendering service of public transport for urban surface vehicles, oriented by sustainability criteria.


Gebalis promotes local development through the management of social housing, as well as the housing development placed in the rental market by the City Council.

 Lisboa Ocidental SRU

The Lisboa Ocidental SRU - Urban Rehabilitation Society, with completely municipal capital, promotes urban rehabilitation, in the parishes of Belém, Ajuda and Alcântara.


EGEAC is responsible for the management of several cultural spaces in the city, and the organization of various cultural events, including the Lisboa Festivities.


EMEL manages public parking in Lisboa, integrated in the global system of mobility and accessibility, defined by the City Council.


EPUL was dissolved and closed in 2014. For more information contact:  municipe@cm-lisboa.pt / 808 203 232  dmgp@cm-lisboa.pt / 217 989 384


 Startup Lisboa

Startup Lisboa is an incubator based in downtown with three historical buildings with work & residence spaces to welcome startups from all over the world.

Associação Parque Junqueira

A Associação Parque Junqueira, é proprietária do Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, e detém uma participação na Lisboa - Feiras Congressos e Eventos, proprietária das instalações da FIL no Parque das Nações, dois espaços fundamentais para a realização de Feiras e Congressos em Lisboa. 


MARL is responsible for the management of the Market that will supply the entire area of Lisboa. Among other activities, it promotes training actions for producers and wholesale companies.


Valorsul has the goal to implement and manage an integrated waste treatment and recovery system for 19 municipalities in the regions of Lisboa and the West.

 AMEC | Metropolitana

The AMEC | Metropolitan Orchestra of Lisboa, currently extends its area of influence to 12 municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Lisboa, and to the cities of Porto, Coimbra, Setúbal and Leiria.

 Lisboa E-Nova

Lisboa E-Nova aims at the sustainable development of the metropolitan area of Lisboa, through the improvement of energy efficiency, use of endogenous resources, and environmental management.

 Águas do Tejo Atlântico

Águas do Tejo Atlântico manages the multi-municipal wastewater sanitation system of the Lisboa and Westerna area.


 Casa da América Latina 

The CAL has the goal to bring Portugal closer to Latin America, promoting cooperation with Latin American countries, in the areas of Culture, Knowledge, Economy and Politics.


UCCLA is an inter-municipal association of international nature, with the goal to foster understanding, cooperation and economic development among its members.


LISPOLIS is responsible for the management of the Lisboa Technology Center. It offers rooms for companies, cowork spaces, and virtual office services and brands.

 Turismo de Lisboa

The main goals of ATL are: sustainable tourism development; promotion of Lisboa as a tourist destination, venue for congresses, fairs, and incentive travel destination; information and support to tourists.

 Clube de Lisboa

Clube de Lisboa is an association of individual and collective members that shares the vision of Lisboa as a global and central city to debate international issues. It organizes the Lisbon Conferences on Development.