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May 04, 2019

After being elected finalist city, on February 26, 2019, along with the cities of Gdynia (Poland) and Palma (Spain), was officially recognized the merit of the Lisbon City Council for its commitment to the environment and sustainable mobility in the...know more

Jan 31, 2019

Anonymous people give face and witness in an effort to improve the diagnosis, improve access to treatment and promote its efficiency.know more

Dec 19, 2017

Call 808 20 32 32 so your large trash can be collected for free, don’t leave it on the street. Because our Lisboa is beautiful and the cleaner, the better. Your gesture makes all the difference.More informationFlyerknow more

Jan 31, 2019

Under the Fast-Track Cities project, representatives from various European cities, government entities, the academy and civil society associations are meeting in Lisbon to discuss the evolution of the initiative, identify barriers and solutions.know more

[Translate to Inglês:] Lisboa recebeu a corrida de bicicleta mais pequena do mundo
Sep 25, 2018

Lisboa hosted tonight the legendary Subida à Glória race. The world's smallest bicycle race had 123 cyclists to race through 265 meters, with a 17% inclination, of Calçada da Glória. Marta Branco and Miguel Salgueiro were the winners.know more