Padaria São Roque (São Roque Bakery)

Padaria São Roque (São Roque Bakery)
Padaria São Roque (São Roque Bakery)
Padaria São Roque (São Roque Bakery)
Padaria São Roque (São Roque Bakery)
Padaria São Roque (São Roque Bakery)


The S. Roque bakery and cakeshop first opened in the early years of the 20th century.

It is a fine example of Art Nouveau architecture applied to a commercial establishment, a typical use of this artistic style in Portugal.

On entering the building, one is immediately struck by an enormous dome supported on composite capitals decorated with golden putti and fruit. This is complemented by wood panelling and stencilled industrial azulejo cladding (technique for the application of decorative motifs using stencils – in metal or waxed paper – in which the design to be reproduced is left open. Executed manually by means of a broad brush, it may involve a number of stencils depending on the number of colours desired), some bearing motifs of cockerels and ears of corn (reflecting the establishment’s business), and individual wood panels decorated with poppies. These panels are framed by bands of relief azulejos with geometrical motifs in green and orange, reminiscent of dry-string Arab tiles (moorish-spanish tile decoration technique consisting in the separation of decorative motifs by means of a groove filled with a fillet of fatty material, linseed oil and manganese, which prevents the colours from mixing during firing).





Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 7am-7pm; Friday and Saturday: 7pm-11pm
closed: Sundays and holidays


Bus: 58, 92, 790


  +351 213 224 356


Rua da Rosa, 266
1250 - 092 Lisboa

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