4th Jorge Pina Association Race

 - 10:00h

Solidarity race whose main goal is to raise funds for the refurbishment works of the Jorge Pina Academy - Bairro do Armador, in Marvila. In the final stretch to the conclusion of Jorge Pina Academy, this Association launches the challenge: “Want to help? Take a run! ” This is the motto that the Paralympic athlete has given to what is the association's main fundraising initiative.

The race consists of a 10 or 5 km race or a 5 km walk, and the course of these events will be adapted for athletes with special needs, passing through places like the Campo Grande, Avenida da República or Saldanha.
Young people will also be able to participate for free in the children's races taking place at the Parque de Jogos 1º de Maio, namely the Benjamins 400 meters races; Children's 800 meters; Starter’s 1200 meters and Youth 1600 meters.