Exhibition ‘Kings of Wild Europe - our last large carnivores’

03 March 2017
 to 31 December

The exhibition presents four large European carnivores – the Bear, the Wolverine, the Lynx and the Wolf – with special focus on the Iberian Lynx, the world’s most endangered feline, and on the Iberian Wolf, also in danger of extinction.

Throughout six modules, this emblematic exhibition will show naturalized specimens embedded in different settings that include images, sounds and new technologies in order to lead visitors in a journey to meet the habitats, biology, social organization, eating habits, threats and projects to promote the conservation of such carnivores.

"Kings of the Wild Europe – the last great carnivores" is a unique opportunity both to learn more about these species and to come across the cultural heritage and the myths that have always opposed men to these large carnivores.

This exhibition is a result of the partnership between the National Museum of Natural History and Science and the Grupo Lobo, including outputs of the project Life Med-Wolf and the Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe (LCIE).