Theater | THE CHAIRS by Eugene Ionesco

23 October
 to 10 November

Eugène Ionesco's third play, published in 1953, after The Bald Singer and The Lesson, THE CHAIRS is considered one of his masterpieces, and is a fine example of his theater of the absurd. The Chairs has been labelled a ‘tragic farce’ by its author.

In a house on an island a very old couple pass their time with private games and half-remembered stories. With brilliant eccentricity, Ionesco's 'tragic farce' combines a comic portrait of human folly with a magical experiment in theatrical possibilities.

Translation | Luís Lima Barreto and Fátima Ferreira
Staging | António Pires
Scenography | Alexandre Oliveira
Cast | Carmen Santos, Luís Lima Barreto and Rafael Fonseca

Wednesday to Saturday: 9.30pm | Sunday: 5pm