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Is Lisboa City Hall responsible for cleaning up after my dog?

No. The removal of waste produced by the animals is the responsibility of the respective owners who, for that purpose, should bring the appropriate equipment (plastic bags).

(Art.º 25º, n.º 1, do Regulation on Solid Waste in the City of Lisboa)


You can deposit waste products of your dog in the bins installed in the city, if properly bagged. (Art.º 25º, n.º 5, do Regulation on Solid Waste in the City of Lisboa).

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When I go to recreational parks (e.g. Parque da Serafina) with my children, may bring my pet?

The entry of animals is prohibited, in all recreational parks, for reasons of hygiene and security both for children and their chaperones. Prohibiting the entry of animal is only to safeguard the users of the parks.