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Are there different procedures if I opt for cremation instead of inhumation?

The procedures are the same for inhumation and cremation. Request for inhumation can be done with the City Hall of Lisboa, through the presentation of a special form and some documents. See all the information here.

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Can I leave in writing that I want to be cremated?

It is not necessary to leave this in writing. The executor of the will or closest kin may decide upon this.

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If I am cremated, may I be inhumed with my spouse even if he was inhumed in a coffin?

Yes. If your spouse is in a municipal ossuary, municipal gravesite, grave or in a perpetual or private tomb, depending on the capacity of the venue, the urn with his ashes can be placed close to it.

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Can the religious service be done before or after cremation?

The family may opt to perform religious services before cremation and / or at the time for the ultimate destination of the ashes.

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Are there special urns for cremation?

Yes. They should be wooden urns easily destructible by the action of heat and all metallic elements must be removed. Pressed wood may not be used.

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What is a columbarium?

The columbaria are small compartments for the deposit of urns with the ashes from the cremation.

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What is a cendrário?

The cendrário is a space reserved for the anonymous inhumation of ashes resulting from the cremation of mortal remains (cadavers or bones). The ashes are inhumed individually or collectively.

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What can be done with the ashes?

After cremation there are several options: the ashes can be placed in a cendrário; in perpetual grave, tomb, ossuary or columbarium in an appropriate container or delivered to the person who requested cremation, their final destination being optional.

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May I take the ashes home?

Yes. The ashes are delivered, in the appropriate container, to the person who requested cremation, their final destination being optional.