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Culture and Leisure

Culture plays a key role in the life of modern cities and their economies, and in the life of the local inhabitants. Lisboa has a significant and varied cultural offer, in quantitative terms, that has grown substantially and steadily over recent years, although there are very different situations in the various cultural areas. However, in certain cases, we find a dynamism that appears to be more quantitative than qualitative.

Latest News

Jun 03, 2019

The Book Market has already opened

It is the 89th edition of another Book Market in Eduardo VII Park, this year with a record of 328... know more...

Jun 03, 2019

June is the month of parties in Lisbon

The city prepares for the dancer, the grilled sardines, the marriages, the marches and much... know more...

Centenário da Morte de Júlio de Castilho

Consulte o  programa (575 KB), mais informações  aqui.


30 june
Local: São Luiz Teatro Municipal
20 june
Local: Sé de Lisboa (Igreja de Santa Maria Maior)
27 june
13 july
Local: Quinta das Conchas
29 june
07 july
Local: Feira Internacional de Lisboa - FIL
20 july