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Organisation and Management

The regulation of educational life, both on a daily basis, and in terms of planning and forecasting, has evolved to encompass an increasing diversity of educational actors. The contribution of the educational community spans the potentialities and contributions of all those involved, including the Ministry of Education and Science, the Municipal Council with its attributions and skills in various areas and the Parish Councils, with the vital contribution of all those who are closest to the actual situation. 


As beneficiaries of the state education system, parents and guardians are key elements in the educational process, and therefore the role they play in Schools Groupings , via representation in the General Councils and the Municipal Educational Council , is increasingly important, alongside the rising role of local partners (public, private, institutions, people) that are increasingly invited to participate in the decision making processes.

Avaliação do estado de conservação de escolas do município de lisboa

 Relatório 259/2019 (86.9 MB) - Levantamento do estado de conservação de 55 estabelecimentos de ensino, com valências de jardim de infância ou de 1.º ciclo efetuado por Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, I. P.