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Parents' and Guardians' Associations

Parents’ associations aim to promote and defend their associates’ interests in all aspects of the training and education of their children and pupils enrolled in pre-school education or basic or secondary education schools, whether public, private or cooperative.

The legal regime governing the constitution, rights and duties to subordinates or Parents’ Associations is established by Decree-Law no. 372/90 of 27 November, as amended by Decree-Law no. 80/99 of 16 March, by Law no. 29/2006 of 4 July, and by Law no. 40/2007 of 24 August

Parents and guardians who would like to found a parents’ association must first approve the respective statutes.

Once approved, the statutes must be deposited in the Ministry of Education and Science, together with a list of the respective grantors, complemented by identification and address of each grantor, and a certificate of the admissibility of the association’s name, issued by the National Registry of Corporate Bodies (RNPC).

The Ministry of Education and Science will forward a copy of the documents referred to in the preceding paragraph to the Attorney General for judicial review, after which it will ensure that it is published in the Offical Gazette (Diário da República).


Parents’ associations may work on a provisional basis, after their certificate of eligibility has been issued.



There are also two federations for Parents’ associations :    Ferlap and the    FapLx .

 Lei n.º 29/2006, de 4 de julho (116 KB)