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Urbanscape is also countryside

The project "Urbanscape is also countryside" gives the opportunity to all citizens to experience agriculture in urban environments. 

Thus, by promoting the existence of  Opens external link in new windowHorticulture Parks with strategic option, the municipality also contributes to a healthier relationship with the Environment, exploiting the fact that these areas are open to the public and can be visited freely. 

Urban agriculture is part of the Lisboa Green Structure. With design rules, such as, the type of fencing or collective shelters, the water for irrigation, this system works in an active way to promote the importance of agriculture and a greater environmental awareness. 


Lisboa chose to expand Urban Agriculture to new agricultural experiences, such as,  Opens external link in new windowgrain fields,  Opens external link in new windowvineyards and olive groves, among others, and greater events like  Opens external link in new windowMega Pic Nic, allowing for thousands of people the contact with national production in the main squares and avenues of the city. Following this line of thought the municipality developed protocols with private agricultural entities, creating a new way to communicate the importance of rural areas into urban areas.