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Hands Up Lisbon! – How do you usually come to school?

Mãos ao Ar Lisboa! is a municipal initiative to take a snapshot of school mobility, seeking to know the trans­portation used daily by pupils of primary and high schools, state and independent schools. This statistical news release reports key results on the filling-in of a simple and brief questionnaire by teachers, with pupils answering “hands up” in each class. This was carried out in Lisbon on October 8th to 12th, 2018; note that October 11th was the World Obesity Day.

This was inspired by the Hands Up Scotland survey (SUSTRANS), which examines how pupils from all over Scotland travel to school. Since it started, in 2008, this is the largest data set in the UK travelling to school. Every year, in the second week of September, schools across Scotland complete a classroom inquiry with pupils answering “hands up” to the question: How do you usually come to school?

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