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Feira da Ladra - Flea Market

04, June 2019

It begins early in the morning and ends in the late afternoon, in the ample space of Campo de Santa Clara, where hundreds of sellers and buyers negotiate. Here everything is on sale: utilities, clothes, books, collectibles, antiques and many other new and used items.

This popular market dates from the thirteenth century and has known several locations - Castle, Rossio, Campo de Santana until the present one, where it has been established since 1903.

Although there is no agreement on the origin of its name, the most widely accepted thesis is that the term "thieves" is due to the fact that stolen goods are sold there.

Other European counterparts: El Rastro, Portobello and Le Marché aux Puces

It Is open two days a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays, year round, rain or shine.