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Waste Disposal

Lisboa City Council is responsible for the disposal and transport of mixed waste (common garbage) and recyclable materials, ensuring their proper treatment and valuing.

The citizen must participate in the recycling process through the separation and disposal of the waste produced in the containers / equipment provided by the City Hall.

The activity of waste disposal is framed by specific charts:

Service regulation


The quality of the waste disposal service is evaluated every year by the Regulatory Authority for Sewage Water and Waste (ERSAR). The evaluation obtained in the past years:

 2017 (79 KB)
 2016 (79 KB)
 2015 (79 KB)
 2014 (79 KB)

Regarding big waste producers (entities with average daily production of waste equal or more than 1100 liters), they are responsible for managing the waste they produce and can hire the disposal and processing of the waste to private operators, licensed for this purpose, or to municipal services. Following the new municipal waste costs regime of Lisboa City Council, the big waste producers are obliged to register according to the procedures in Registration of Large Waste Producers.