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Collection by request

Collection by request

Recolha de Objetos Volumosos

After request and evaluation and scheduling of collection by the services, Lisboa City Council executes the collection of large and heavy waste material, and also paper / cardboard, packages, electrical and electronic waste, that due to its volume, size or shape can’t be collected by normal collection means. They also collect, on request, green waste from gardens and waste from construction and demolition (RCD).

This service is free of charge.

The request can be made:

• By the portal In My Street (identifying the area on the map)

• By telephone, through 808 203 232 (from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday)

• In person, at the One Stop Shops

After the request is done, you must wait further contact from the City Council to schedule the collection.

Não abandone o lixo volumoso na rua

Vulgarmente conhecidos por “monstros”, os lixos de grande dimensão como máquinas de lavar, colchões, móveis e outros, são de recolha gratuita em Lisboa. Basta ligar 808 20 32 32 para que os objetos de que se quer desfazer sejam recolhidos à sua porta, sem preocupações e depósitos desnecessários na rua. A cidade agradece, o ambiente merece!

 Folheto da Campanha
 (1.5 MB)


Os lixos também podem ser entregues nos seguintes locais: