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Selective Collection

The city of Lisboa has different selective disposal systems for recyclable materials, according to the urban terrain, building types of and functional characteristics of each area of the city.

Collection by Ecopontos and Vidrões (Bottle Banks)

The glass collection through vidrões is the oldest system of selective collection in Lisboa. Today, vidrões are all over the city, involving a network with high level of coverage.

The multimaterial network in Lisboa began with ecopontos, however, these devices are now being replaced by door to door selective collection.

Vidrão modelo Iglô
Vidrão modelo cyclea

Collection by Ecoilhas

In the suburbs of the city, the selective collection is done through ecoilhas, a set of large capacity containers on public roads.

In one place are available containers for the disposal of common garbage, as weel as containers for recyclable waste (paper / cardboard, packages and glass).


Door to Door Selective Collection

The collection of common garbage in Lisboa is done door to door, or at home through containers assigned to buildings. Since 2003, the City Council has also been investing in door to door collection of recyclable waste (paper / cardboard and packages).

The door to door system is based on the collection, on alternate days, of different types of waste. Schedule, days of collection and disposal equipment (containers, bags, paper bundles) may be different according to the area in Lisboa. Check this  map (883 KB) with the collection schedule in your area.

Recolha de resíduos indiferenciados
Recolha de papel em sacos
Recolha de resíduos indiferenciados em sacos
Recolha de vidro
Recolha de resíduos orgânicos