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Discussão Pública - ORU Santa Clara

Discussão Pública - Loteamento


Discussão Pública - Loteamento

Discussão Pública - Alteração Simplificada ao PDM

Discussão Pública - Unidade de Execução

Discussão Pública - Loteamento

Discussão Pública - Loteamento


Jul 17, 2017

Campolide Square returned to the citizens

The street was floded with music, poetry, workshops, exhibitions and other activities on a... know more...
Jul 18, 2017

Investigation committee confirms suspicions that led the...

The Investigation and Inquiry Committee on the 2ª Circular rehabilitation, between Buraca and the... know more...
Jul 11, 2017

Santos neighbourhood: new pedestrian walk

On July 10, the pedestrian walk at Santos Neighbourhood to Rego was rehabilitated, and Fernando... know more...

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