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A place in history

Located at the Lagares Quarter (Lagares Street, 23), in the foot of Graça Hill, by the future Graça Park, in an old mansion-house of the XVth century, the building where CIM is located is municipal property since 1998. The original building complex had 5 buildings for the most part anterior to the Pombaline era, protected by a stone wall probably from the XVIIIth century. The buildings show characteristics of one of the last rare examples in Lisbon of a space organization typically Islamic, observable in the way the complex articulates through the different levels and yards. At the backyard were found many different vestiges, being the most relevant those of two fountains, one with fragments of shells, whelks and oriental porcelain from the begin of the Portuguese expansion, the other coated with tiles and from the same period.

Mouraria Creative Hub is part of a strategy of the Municipality for the regeneration of Mouraria neighbourhood, for the promotion of cultural and creative industries in the city of Lisbon and the support of job creation and young entrepreneurship.

Since its birth, during the XIIth century, Mouraria has an history associated to delinquency, poverty and exclusion, even if it had always been a territory with unique potentials, among which are its cultural and built heritage, and its centrality in the city of Lisbon. It is in this context that, in 2010, Lisbon's Municipality made de decision to deeply requalify Mouraria and Intendente.

In 2011, with QREN's financing, among other initiatives, begin the rehabilitation works of Lagares Quarter, concluded by the end of 2014. Almost €2M (two million) euros were invested in the rehabilitation of this building and its adapting to an incubator, ensuring a net area of about 1.400m2. The intervention kept and valued the morphology and typology of the building, keeping its Islamic-Medieval characteristics, as well as all the elements identified as remarkable: stairs and wooden structures.