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The Municipal Library offers its collection in this new format as a facilitator of the process of acquisition of the Lisbon City Council’s editions.


The documents and new contents will be integrated in a phased manner and updated with editorial news. We hope to be brief in this whole process so you can find your favourite books.


The Municipal Library

A virtual space following the new trends of the book market, imposing a new strategy of approximation of the municipal editions on the city of Lisbon to its citizens, while extending its area of influence outside the geographical limits.

The commitment to disclose and sell editions of the Lisbon City Council remains, making the whole process with clients easier. Being a reference library in the city of Lisbon, it is always revisited by friends and lovers of the city and by curious people eager to know more about the city that hosts them, now in a new format with other requirements, more transparent and more accessible.


We are waiting for you here Online!