The "Sea Bike Path" is open

It opened, on July 22, the “Sea Bike Path” that will link, Parque das Nações to Oeiras, continuing the existing one.

A piece of memory from Expo 98 on exhibition

At CIUL - Lisboa Urban Information Center, every working day from 10am to 8pm, until the end of the year.

[Translate to Inglês:] Largo para homenagear Fundação Champalimaud

A Square to honor the Champalimaud Foundation

From September 4, Lisboa has a new square. It is called "Largo da Fundação Champalimaud" and is located in Belém, next to the Foundation...

Rehabilitation work in progress at Santa Catarina Viewpoint

The Santa Catarina Viewpoint will be under a rehabilitation work to recover the public space and for the placement of a protective fence. This...

[Translate to Inglês:] Curso de verão de arquitetura paisagista no CIUL

Landscape architecture summer course in CIUL

The CIUL - Lisbon Urban Information Center will host, between July 25 and August 3, another edition of the ACMA Seminar, a summer course on landscape...

Archi Summit 2018 brings together big names in architecture at Lx Factory

Housing and public space planning challenges will be in debate on July 12 and 13, in an initiative with the support of the Lisboa City Council.

Lisbon Green Capital: a showcase of sustainability

On the day after the announcement of the award, Fernando Medina and José Sá Fernandes addressed in a press conference the Lisbon European Green...

"The houses are really yours"

Residents of the São João de Brito district will own their houses, 40 years later

More public space, housing and employment in Entrecampos

We will have here around 15 thousand jobs and more than two thousand people living here, in an area with quality shops, quality public space and...

[Translate to Inglês:] Oceanário de Lisboa - #seathefuture

Oceanário de Lisboa – 20 years

On May 22, 20 years after the opening of Expo'98 and the opening of Oceanário de Lisboa, this equipment – considered worldwide one of the most...

City Council approves guidelines for the Entrecampos Integrated Operation

City Council approves strategic guidelines for the Entrecampos Integrated Operation and opens public discussion period.More information

[Translate to Inglês:] Encontro de Urbanismo - EXPO 98 – 20 Anos

Expo 98, 20 years later: what has changed

Within the Conference Cycle "Urban Planning Meetings - EXPO 98 - 20 Years”, promoted by the Lisboa City Council, taking place from February to...

[Translate to Inglês:] Apresentação da Operação Integrada de EntrecamposApresentação da Operação Integrada de EntrecamposApresentação da Operação Integrada de EntrecamposOperação Urbanística de EntrecamposOperação Urbanística de EntrecamposOperação Urbanística de Entrecampos

Entrecampos will be subject of a huge urban rehabilitation

The land area of the former Lisboa Amusement Park, and the surrounding área, will be subject of one of the largest urban rehabilitations in the last...

Normalize your nightlife business

If you have a nightlife business that is not regular, ask for your license now. Support line 808 20 32 32.More information available here, for...

Lancers Army Barracks will host Defense Campus

Fernando Medina participated in the announcement of the project, which will be the target of an ideas competition. A decision long awaited for that...

[Translate to Inglês:] Bem-vindos ao novo Campo das Cebolas

Welcome to the new Campo das Cebolas

The rehabilitation of the public space and the construction of an underground car park with 206 parking spaces, is done and now it’s time for the...