Ajuda Botanical Garden is 250 years old

Heritage of the University of Lisbon, it’s a Pombaline creation from 1768 and was the country's first botanical garden.

[Translate to Inglês:] Famílias plantam árvores em Lisboa

Families plant trees in Lisboa

Lisboa now has more trees. There are 350 new trees that turn the city in a greener place, and every single one was planted by the citizens. An action...

International Straw Free Day

February 3 - The goal is to refuse the use of traditional plastic straws in drinks and help to decrease pollution.

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Cleaning of Alto da Eira surrounding areas

Due to the abusive dumping of waste with large dimensions, between January 29 and February 9, will be carried out a cleaning operation at the space.

Monsanto trails will have improved smooth mobility

Based on a winning proposal of the 2014 Participatory Budget, Lisboa City Council started a global intervention to improve smooth mobility at...

Water efficiency in debate

Lisboa City Council debates water efficiency in Lisboa with parish councils and municipal companies

Improved mobility between Quinta das Conchas and Quinta dos Liláses

Rehabilitation work is ongoing at the road that connects Quinta das Conchas to Quinta dos Liláses, through the execution of the refurbishment of...

[Translate to Inglês:] A sua árvore em Lisboa

Your tree in Lisboa

Lisboa has more trees. Just planted, among poplars or pine trees, more than 300 new trees were planted on January 13 at the parishes of Alvalade,...

Plant your tree in Lisboa

On January 13 and February 3 leave your mark in the city.

Live nativity scene for one day at Olivais Pedagogical Farm

A unique environment for the recreation of the traditional Christmas history, where the Baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary, the manger, the three Kings,...

Rehabilitation of green areas and flower beds at Avenida da Liberdade

The Lisboa City Council has planted 3,000 shrubs and 17,200 herbaceous season trees at Avenida da Liberdade, in order to rehabilitate the green areas...

Presentation of the shared bicycle network GIRA. Bicicletas de LisboaPresentation of the shared bicycle network GIRA. Bicicletas de LisboaPresentation of the shared bicycle network GIRA. Bicicletas de Lisboa

Shared bicycle network is an alternative to public transport

This is an "irreplaceable" mobility vehicle in the city of Lisboa. A “useful and very practical, that serves the needs of the people". The system,...

Wines from Lisboa at Rua Augusta

Until December 10, you can get to know and taste the best wines of the region, between 11 A.M. and 8 P.M. in an exhibition where there are many...

Delegation from Zagreb welcomed in the Town-Hall

In order to strengthen relations and promote the sharing of knowledge, a delegation from Zagreb was in Lisboa and was welcomed in the Town-Hall.

European Week for Waste Reduction

Lisboa is part of the European Week for Waste Reduction and promotes, from November 18 to 26, several actions around the motto “Garbage can wait!...

Fernando Medina announced measures to fight drought

Irrigation will be interrupted in some areas and reduced in others, lakes and fountains that do not use recycled water will be closed. Measures that,...