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Lisbon City Council regrets the passing of the architect Raúl Hestnes Ferreira

The Lisboa City Council deeply regrets the passing of Raúl Hestnes Ferreira, and expresses to his family and friends the deepest condolences.

[Translate to Inglês:] Ano Novo Chinês

Chinese New Year

Thousands of people went to the Martim Moniz Square to attend an extensive Chinese arts and culture show, which took place after a parade along...

Fire Concert by the Fire Department at the National Coach Museum

On February 8, the Music Band of the Lisboa Fire Department performed the 2018 Fire Concert in the auditorium of the new National Coach...

Angolan Artists Exhibition in Belém

A meeting of cultures at the opening of "Mirabilis Arts", an exhibition with more than 50 Angolan artists and 20 sculptures at the headquarters of...

Ajuda Botanical Garden is 250 years old

Heritage of the University of Lisbon, it’s a Pombaline creation from 1768 and was the country's first botanical garden.

[Translate to Inglês:] Nova sede para Escola de fado de Marvila

New headquarters for Marvila Fado School

The Cultural Association O Fado has a new home. The space was inaugurated today, at the end of the day by the Mayor of Lisboa, who thanked all "those...

Mirabilis Arts, Collective of Angolan Artists

The past and present of Angola exposed through art, with eyes on the future.

Lisboa invited to the Festival La Mercè 2018 - Barcelona

Lisbon will be the invited city to Mercè 2018, which will take place between September 21 and 24, in Barcelona.The festival La Mercè – so called in...

Torres Vedras stormed Lisboa once again

Carnival is coming and once again the Torres Vedras royal embassy visited Lisboa in a cheerful carnival parade through the downtown streets. Duarte...

Manuel Alegre received Camões award

It was in an emotional ceremony that the great name of contemporary poetry received the prize dedicated to the author of "Os Lusíadas"....

[Translate to Inglês:] Apresentação do Ano Novo Chinês 2018Apresentação do Ano Novo Chinês 2018Apresentação do Ano Novo Chinês 2018Apresentação do Ano Novo Chinês 2018

Presentation of the Chinese New Year 2018

On February 1, at the Archive Room of the Town-Hall, was presented the celebrations program for the Chinese New Year 2018, taking place on February...

All Aboard: Eurovision 2018 in cruising speed

Lisboa received the testimony from Kiev in a ceremony that also revealed the countries that will participate in the semifinals.

[Translate to Inglês:] Câmara promove cinema português junto das escolasCâmara promove cinema português junto das escolasCâmara promove cinema português junto das escolasCâmara promove cinema português junto das escolas

City Council promotes Portuguese cinema in schools

Fórum Lisboa opens doors to students from Lisboa, and their family, to showcase the Portuguese film "A mãe é que sabe".

Network of Cervantine Cities presented in Madrid

Created in April 2017, the network that celebrates the author of Don Quixote de la Mancha includes, besides Lisboa, the cities of Madrid, Barcelona,...

Janeiras in Cante Alentejano at Paços do Concelho

The Alentejano Coral Group from Alcântara sang, once again, the Janeiras at Paços do Concelho, this year for the Deputy Mayor, Duarte Cordeiro.