Educação, Marvila

Beginning Of School Year Marked At Marvila

30, September 2014
  • [Translate to Inglês:] Início do ano letivo assinalado em Marvila
    [Translate to Inglês:] Início do ano letivo assinalado em Marvila

The beginning of the new school year was marked in September 15th in Primary School 1 at Armador Neighbourhood, Marvila, by the Mayor Antonio Costa and the Councillor for Education, Ms Graça Fonseca.
During the visit the Mayor and the Councillor announced new projects and programs for the schools of Lisbon, one for eating healthy and the other about IT.
Eating healthy

To teach the younger ones to eat and to learn to have eat healthy and in a sustainable way is the purpose of the first project. Ms Graça Fonseca recalled that, under the New School Program, one of the goals of the interventions in school infrastructures is to provide schools with conditions to cook school meals by installing adequate kitchens. The project for eating healthy happens due to these improvements.
With Chef Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro, which during the morning prepared fruit and vegetable juices besides a spinach cake quite applauded by the children, Ms Graça Fonseca announced a new collection of four books for children which pretend to teach the youngsters about the importance of avoiding food waste.
This project, the Councillor said, will be implemented with the support of several partners such as Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, EDP Foundation, Order of Nutritionists, and "Fruta Feia", among others, and will have as Chef Mr Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro.
Junior Code Academy

The second project wants to improve education public policies centred in the qualification of school software. It is called  Academia de Código Júnior and was presented at the School Gym, where three robots swirled in the floor. Mayor Antonio Costa recalled that "the school doesn’t teach only how to read, but also how to live in community". Thus, the Project Junior Code Academy, he said, wants to provide the youngsters with the skills for IT and Programming.
This new Project was designed in order to provide students from 3rd and 4th grades with the basic programming skills. It will take place in three schools in Lisbon (EB1 Aida Vieira School, EB Bairro do Armador School and Kindergarten São João de Deus) and will include 75 children.
With several associated partners, such as Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the project, according to Mayor Antonio Costa, wants to motivate the children for technologies, awakening creativity, logic, math and team work in them.
Escola Nova goes on

Mayor Antonio Costa recalled that Lisbon implemented in 2008 the Escola Nova Program, defining as a priority the rehabilitation of school facilities in Lisbon, a basic condition for teaching quality.
Besides "Escola Nova", he said, several projects were implemented in the city schools throughout the years, intending to offer to the children a diversified set of sporting, cultural and free time occupation activities, with a curricular swimming program or a School Passport Program. A set of initiatives that will continue in the present school year. 

Educação, Marvila