Cultura e Lazer, Marvila, Município

Celebrations in Amendoeiras neighbourhood

27, March 2017
The Citizens Association of Amendoeiras Neighbourhood is 11 years old and celebrated with a big party at the D. Dinis High School. Fernando Medina attended the ceremony and highlighted the "outstanding work of citizenship carried out by the Association. To manage a city is only possible if we empower these collectivities that are in the territory".
  • [Translate to Inglês:] Amendoeiras em...festa
    [Translate to Inglês:] Amendoeiras em...festa

A celebration where there was plenty of music, dance, theater, gymnastics, Tai-Chi and ended with the presentation of the "Amendoeiras Neighbor of the Year Award 2017" to Fernando Paulo, citizen in the neighbourhood for 44 years who deserved a special greeting from the Lisboa Mayor.

Cultura e Lazer, Marvila, Município