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Families plant trees in Lisboa

05, February 2018
Lisboa now has more trees. There are 350 new trees that turn the city in a greener place, and every single one was planted by the citizens. An action within an initiative of the Lisboa City Council "Your tree in Lisboa", that once again was fully booked. The Mayor of Lisboa set the example and, with his family, also planted his tree.
  • [Translate to Inglês:] Famílias plantam árvores em Lisboa
    [Translate to Inglês:] Famílias plantam árvores em Lisboa

Today's action took place in the green corridor of Monsanto - Parque Eduardo VII where Fernando Medina, with the support of little helpers, planted a poplar. It was one of about 100 trees planted in this place of the city by more than 150 citizens who wanted to leave their mark for future generations.

Ambiente, Município