Festivities of Portugal Tour ends in Lisbon

18, August 2016
Mayor Fernando Medina welcomed the winners of the 78th Portugal Tour, the most charismatic competition of Portuguese cycling.

The 10th and last stage of the Portuguese Tour end as a festivity in Lisbon. Thousands of residents and enthusiast of national cycling didn't want to miss the grand final of the 78th Tour and welcoming the winners that, under very hot days, with the thermometers reaching the 40ºC, ended the last stage between Vila Franca and Lisbon's Downtown.
Gustavo Veloso, from Futebol Clube do Porto Team, winner of the last stage, received from the Mayor the Cup of victory in one of the hardest stages due to heat and one of the longest competitions.

Jorge Máximo handed to Alexander Vdoving the prise RTP White Shirt that shows the winner of the competition in the Youth class.

Also Rui Vinhas, also from Futebol Clube do Porto, took the Podium as the winner of this edition of the Tour.
In statements to the press the Mayor Fernando Medina stated that this event was a reason of great pride for the City and a tradition to keep as it is an honour to Lisbon to welcome such event. 

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