Fireman City Day

26, August 2014
  • [Translate to Inglês:] Dia Municipal do Bombeiro
    [Translate to Inglês:] Dia Municipal do Bombeiro


The Fireman City Day was celebrated in Lisbon by placing a wreath on top of the Headstone that recalls the Great Fire of Chiado some 26 years ago.

Sponsored by Lisbon's Municipality and the Lisbon's Fire Brigade (LFB), the ceremony took place at Carmo Street and intended also to pay homage to all men and women which, daily, commit themselves to the protection and defence of this city.

The wreath was placed by the Vice-Mayor and LFB's Commander.

In his speech, LFB's Commander stressed the trust that the municipal government had been placing on the fire fighters which, although they are "people as everyone else", they have as their job to protect, defend and recue the population.
The Vice-Mayor recalled the "tragedy that fell upon a large area of the city" and the "determination of the fire fighters which came for rescue on such a dreadful day". The Vice-Mayor also stressed that the Municipality is committed in providing "for the city needs", namely by improving protection and safety.
On August 25th 1988 Lisbon was the stage of a violent fire, at Chiado, which caused to deaths, 73 wounded, mostly fire fighters, and 150 displaced. The Fire destroyed a large group of buildings, some of them symbolic, which housed traditional businesses, offices and households.