Intervenção social, Município

International debate workshop in the Paços do Concelho fight against AIDS

31, January 2019
Under the Fast-Track Cities project, representatives from various European cities, government entities, the academy and civil society associations are meeting in Lisbon to discuss the evolution of the initiative, identify barriers and solutions.

For two days, City Hall hosts representatives from various European cities in the second Fast-Track Cities workshop, a project that aims to accelerate responses to HIV, particularly in the areas of prevention, screening and treatment. Manuel Grilo, Councilor for Social Rights, greeted the participants at the end of the first working day, on 11 Ocotber.

The councilman recalled Lisbon's accession to the project in 2017 and highlighted the set of measures that the city has been developing under the Lisbon City Without AIDS Municipal Strategy, presented in May of this year.

"We are joining efforts to move forward," said Manuel Grilo, who considers this a priority area in city government, coupled with inclusive policies of population groups such as migrants, refugees and LGBT.

The Fast Track Cities initiative, which for the councilman "brought challenges to the city of Lisbon", is based on the "90-90-90" commitments to 2020 set out in the Paris Declaration. The project “Lisboa, cidade sem SIDA” strategy focuses on: increasing screening, introducing Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in the community, improving access to prevention, and reducing stigma.