Cultura e Lazer, Município

June is the month of parties in Lisbon

03, June 2019
The city prepares for the dancer, the grilled sardines, the marriages, the marches and much animation.

The most anticipated month for the city has arrived and with it the animation. In each corner there is a dancer and sardine roasted, the tradicional soup "Caldo Verde" and the marches promise another special and lively night in the Liberdade Avenue.

The Lisbon Festivities began on the 1st and will end on June 29 with a memorable concert at the Torre de Belém, starting at 10:00 pm, dedicated to António Variações. For the stage, to remember their unforgettable themes and accompanied by the Metropolitan Orchestra of Lisbon, will pass Ana Bacalhau, Conan Osiris, Lena D'Água, Manuela Azevedo, Paulo Bragança and Selma Uamusse.

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