Campo de Ourique, Campolide, Estrela

Lisboa City Hall decentralized meeting, March 5 - Registration

19, February 2014

The next Lisboa City Hall Public Decentralized Meeting will be held on March 5, at 6.30pm, at the premises of the Gymnasium of the Estrela Parish, 49 Hope Street, with only one point on the agenda "Hearing householders". This meeting is aimed to residents in Estrela, Campo de Ourique and Campolide, which may apply at the following Parish Councils:

Campolide – February 20 from 3pm to 5pm

Estrela - February 21 from 10am to 12pm

Campo de Ourique - February 21 from 3pm to 5pm


The meeting will have online transmission at this website.



Decree 12/2014