Cultura e Lazer, Santo Antonio

Lisbon In Videomapping At Terreiro Do Paço

02, September 2014

An airplane lands, Lisbon jumps at the electronic panels at the airport, light obfuscates, between the myriad of colours and sounds, the amazed audience can't take their eyes off the western walls of Praça do Comércio, where the capital opens up in a 15 minutes tour among images of the Castle, the Tram, the Tagus river, the Caravels, tiles, guitars and so many other ex-libris on this city. I lost my heart in Lisbon is the new videomapping show that debuted in August 31st, and it will be screened every day, until September 8th, by 10pm, 11pm and midnight. Catarina Vaz Pinto, Councillor for Culture at Lisbon's City Council, watched the event premiere, promoted by Lisbon's Tourism Association with the support of the municipality and the EGEAC. The Councillor also stated the interest in such shows at such an important location, as another way to enliven the area as well as to diversify the cultural offer of the Capital, not just for its residents but also to all who visit it, especially during this period dominated by tourism.   Contemporary Approach I lost my heart in Lisbon is produced by Oskar and Gaspar with music from the BeaThombers (DJ Ride & Stereossauro) and includes the participation of artists like Alexandro Farto aka Vhils, Tamara Alves and Miguel Januário. The other videomapping shows which took place before at Terreiro do Paço have addressed mostly historical themes such as the Earthquake, Pessoa or the Revolution of April 25th, but the producer, which for the first time signs a production shot at that location, looked for a more contemporary approach. Because of that street art is one of the strong elements and Guillaume Alatak, project manager, congratulates Lisbon Municipality for "understanding that this form of artistic expression is neither  vandalism or visual pollution".  


Cultura e Lazer, Santo Antonio