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Lisbon participates in local integration european project

23, September 2014
  • [Translate to Inglês:] Apresentação da Plataforma DELI LIsboa
    [Translate to Inglês:] Apresentação da Plataforma DELI LIsboa
  • Apresentação da Plataforma DELI LIsboa
    Apresentação da Plataforma DELI LIsboa
  • Apresentação da Plataforma DELI LIsboa
    Apresentação da Plataforma DELI LIsboa

Lisbon will participate at the DELI-Diversity in Economy and Local Integration project, which will take place until July next year. The presentation of this European program, meant to "support inclusive policies and strategies directed to immigrant businesses", took place during the 22nd of September, at Lisbon's City Hall. 

To Manuela Júdice, head of GLEM, Lisbon - Crossroads of the World office, and "one of the biggest supporters for the adherence of Lisbon to the DELI project", Lisbon had until now an "attitude of non-discrimination, be them Lisboners, Portuguese from other origins or citizens with other nationalities". 

The time to "look at immigration in an assistentialist way" is over, said Mrs Júdice , stressing the focus on the project an not in whom presents it. 

The presentation was also used to promote and encourage the dialogue and cooperation among those present, which included unions and representatives of Lisbon's Immigrant Community through the platform DELI_Lisbon, coordinated by André Carmo and Cristina Santos Silva, the project local manager. 

Several activities are already scheduled, activities which include work meetings between the municipality and the involved partners, which will result in recommendations and proposals to present next December to European entities. 

From the Municipality remained the commitment to adopt in Lisbon the recommendations from the Workgroup, which has the participation of technicians from the municipality, members from unions, small entrepreneurs and support to the immigrant community associations. 

To Paulo Soeira de Carvalho, Municipal Director for Economy and Innovation, this is a project under the strategic framework defined by the municipality to facilitate the connection between Immigrant's SMEs and the official agencies, taking into consideration a new EU directive regarding public contracting which came into force last January 2014. 

Lisbon is one of the 10 cities (Bucharest, Cartagena, Dublin, Getxo, Munich, London-Lewisham, Reggio Emilia, Rotterdam, Wien) that are part of this project, headed by the Council of Europe in close articulation with the Migration Policy Group, entity in charge for its evaluation and methodological architecture.

Investir, Santa Maria Maior