Belem, Desporto

Lisbon watches the beginning of the Tour of Portugal

08, August 2017

It's on the road the 79th Tour of Portugal. Damien Gaudin, from the Armé de Terre team won this afternoon the Prologue, held in Lisbon, and part of the 1st stage, tomorrow, with the Yellow Jersey.

The French cyclist run the 5,4 Km of the time trial – with departure and arrival at Imperio Plaza, in Belem – with the time of 6 minutes and 24 seconds. By teams, the leader is the Sporting/Tavira team.

"The Tour values Lisbon and Lisbon values the Tour", claimed Jorge Máximo, Councillor for Sports of the City and that watched today, once again, the departure of "Portuguesa". Since 1927, year of the first edition of the competition, the Tour is already with 79 events, from which 62 had the participation of Lisbon. From 2009 onwards, the City of Lisbon recovered the tradition of receive the Tour and, considered the Councillor, "It makes all the sense that Lisbon keeps supporting the Tour."

During the week where it was known that Lisbon is one of the Cities finalist for the achievement of the title of European Capital of Sports in 2021, Jorge Máximo pointed out that are also "these events that promote and grant visibility to the sports, that value the economic and social element of the sports."

Tomorrow, about 300 people will participate in the Tour Ride – "an event of Cycling without any competitive touch" – travelling a distance of 26 Km, that connect Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, to the Urban Park of Vila Franca de Xira.
From August 15th, Viseu welcomes the last stage of the Tour, welcoming the effort of 140 cyclists, from 18 teams, through 11 days of competition and 1626,9 Km.

Belem, Desporto