Ajuda, Alcantara, Belem

New West CPCJ facilities in Belém

29, June 2017

The new CPCJ facilities (Children and Young People Protection Commission) were opened on June 28 by the City Councilor for Social Rights, João Afonso, and the President of the Parish Council of Belém, Fernando Ribeiro Rosa, the coordinator of the West CPCJ, Isabel Marques, and the President of CPCJ,  Armando Lourenço.

The West CPCJ embraces the Parish Councils of Belém, Ajuda, Alcântara, Estrela, Campo de Ourique and Campolide, covering an approximate population of 100.000 citizens. The new facilities are located in Restelo (Diogo de Silves Street, stores 33 and 35).