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The decision of the current Board of the Lisbon City Council to bring back the Games of the City reveals the concern with the promotion of physical activity and sport, associated with healthy living habits, children and the young population of Lisbon.


Promote and stimulate the practice of healthy sports among children and young people, enabling experimentation and competition in different types of sport, including adapted sport;

Develop educational and citizenship values, stimulating citizen’s identity and sense of belonging regarding their parishes, within the framework of the recent administrative reform of the city.

See the leaflet  here (1.1 MB).

The “Olisipíadas” take place in two stages, referred to as:

Local Phase: organized by each Parish, in partnership with the Lisbon City Council and the Sports Federations/Associations, according to the criteria set by the Parish in line with the Organizing Committee, in order to determine the representatives of the Parish by sports modality, level/gender, in the final phase;


Final Phase: organized by each Parish, in partnership with the Parishes and the Sports Federations/Associations for calculating the classification by Parish, in each type of sports modality, level/gender.

Age group

From age 6 to 14 – already completed, or to be completed during the calendar year in which the Olisipíadas take place. Children turning 15 during the calendar year in which the Olisipíadas take place are above this age limit, whereby they may not enrol. Young people with disabilities are allowed to participate.


Representation in the Local Phase

Open to all participants who:

a) Reside in the municipality of Lisbon; or b) Attend an educational establishment in the municipality of Lisbon; or c) Attend a sports club in the municipality of Lisbon; or d) another sort of relationship with the Parish (family address or that of parent’s place of work).


Representation in the Final Phase

There will be a parish-team for each sports modality, level and sex, according to the local phase previously held in each parish.


Gender/Age Groups


Gender/Age Groups: The age groups are defined in the respective Specific Regulations of each of the sports modalities. 


Male, female or mixed teams, per sports modality, according to the Specific Regulation of the sports modality.


Classification / Awards

Recognition of participation: All participants will be awarded medals of participation or similar;

Recognition of the Parish Council: Parish Councils will be awarded recognition for excelling in their participation in the Olisipíadas, according to the criteria to be set and disseminated by the Organizing Committee.

1st Phase – Local Phase

Place to be defined in due course by the Organization.

Local Phase: January - May 2018;

Final Phase: 2 and 3 June 2018.