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Description of the project

The Lisbon City Council intends to implement its policy of open data, whereby it has been developing initiatives in this area, providing data produced by the Lisbon City Council that can be accessed, used, modified, and shared by any person or entity, without restrictions of use.

The aim of this policy is to enhance citizens’ participation, encourage the reuse and sharing of data, and stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation.


This area should be kept updated, to which everyone’s contribution is essential, so that Lisbon may increasingly establish itself as an inclusive, smart and innovative city.


Mar 14, 2017

New participation website “LISBOA PARTICIPA”

The new "Lisboa Participa" website is online. It brings together participation... know more...
Mar 06, 2017

Caracol da Penha Garden - citizens called to decide

The process of popular participation to set what will be the future of the Caracol da Penha Garden... know more...
Mar 03, 2017

Lisboa Municipality creates space for international students

In the week that the Portuguese capital entered the Top 50 of the World Ranking of most attractive... know more...

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