Residências da Boavista provide temporary accommodation, artist-in-residence, in flats of two types, One Bedroom Apartment and Two Bedroom Apartment, inserted in a restored building and adapted for this.

Check the floor plan:  1.º esquerdo (76 KB),  2.º e 3.º direitos (89 KB),  4.º esquerdo (75 KB)


Who can access it?

Professional artists, citizens and foreign, especially involved in the field of contemporary creation in its multiple ways.



Access to the Residências is guaranteed 24h a day, 7 days a week, during the respective period of occupation.

The check-in and check-out for the  Residências da Boavista is done in the Main Building - former Escola das Gaivotas, from Monday to Sunday.
Check-in: between 4pm and 7pm
Check-out: between 8am and 12pm

The flats are leased per night, for the maximum period of 3 months.

For more information, check the  households usage guidelines (460 KB).

You can request your stay in the Residências da Boavista flats by sending an e-mail to

- Name / Title;
- Project title and brief description of the project;
- Artistic field;
- Credits;
- Technical and logistic needs;
- Mobile phone number."

Grid code Activity description Unit Unit-value with VAT
2.11.3 Artist-in-Residence One Bedroom Apartment por noite a) 6,15€
2.11.4 Artist-in-Residence Two Bedroom Apartment por noite a) 10,25€
Value subject to discounts specified in the Attachment I of the Price list nd Other Municipal Revenue (Tabela de Preços e Outras Receitas Municipais) in force.